Using Social Media to Respond to Pop Culture News

You probably have heard by now that the greatest musician of all time Prince has passed away. My husband and I have been listening to Prince since we heard the news - my husband was a really big Prince fan--and have found our own ways to mourn and acknowledge this loss. After all, we aren't mourning because we knew Prince; we're mourning because he helped us to know ourselves through his music. As expected, many brands have stepped up their social media game to pay their own tribute to Prince's legacy. There are several examples that I won't go into full detail about-- Mashable has a pretty good round up here--but I want to show a good example of a social media brand Prince tribute.

Chevy wins with a "Little Red Corvette" reference

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 3.16.31 PM

I know that I'm sensitive, but this one had me in tears. The lyric was so timely and real, because Prince really did leave us too fast. It was appropriate, sort of fun since it reminded us of a song we love, but also not awkward or corny. And yes...I want to say that it was an emotional tribute. Kudos to the team at Chevy for this.

The keys to commenting on pop culture news if you are a brand:

  1. Be timely. Don't wait several hours like Red Lobster did to reference Beyonce's "Formation" - can't be asleep at the wheel!
  2. Make it authentic  and don't force it. Your audience can tell when you're being fake and when you're trying too hard. If the pop culture reference doesn't come natural, it's better left well enough alone. 
  3. It's okay to be creative...but not TOO creative. this gets back to the idea of trying too hard. Thinking outside the box is great in this instance...but you don't want the message to be lost behind all the bells and whistles. Keep things simple if you can.

What did you think of Chevy's tribute? Were there others from other brands that stuck out? Let me know in the comments?