You (Don't) Have To Cut It: It's Okay to Make Money

[youtube] I've loved trap music ever since Gucci Mane came on the scene - I maintain that we would not have the current set of trap music without Gucci. It just wouldn't be the same.

I especially love listening to O.T. Genasis and Young Dolph's "Cut It" when I'm bustin' out squats at the gym. The hook is infectious: "Yo' prices way too high, you need to cut iiiiiit."

It makes me think of the several times I was turned down by a potential client because they couldn't afford my consulting fees. I suspect some of you who are reading have experienced the same.

I used to get really upset when someone chose not to work with me because they didn't want to pay for social media or communications consulting. But the truth is this:

They are only making room for the type of clients who will pay my consulting fees and so much more. 

Someone who is reading this is feeling really frustrated with their social media hustle. Maybe you just lost a client for budget reasons. Maybe you are having a hard time finding people who will pay to begin with.

I've been there.

Don't ever feel bad about charging for your services. Your skills and talents have so much value, and you have so much to offer! If a client tries to make you feel bad for charging, you know that is not the type of person you want to work with. Even if they offer you "exposure."

Keep working, keep learning, keep grinding. The clients who will see what you have to offer and value it enough to pay you are coming, and some of them are just a phone call away. 

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