Win the Internet: The Remix is available on Amazon today

It’s here.

It’s here.

Two years ago, I published my first e-book Win the Internet: Best Practices for Twitter and Facebook. Since then, a lot has changed about social media The rules and best practices of social media are changing and shifting, especially in a world where bots, fake news, and the rising power of social media influencers complicate what many digital media strategists thought they knew to be true about social media strategies and tactics.

I am happy to announce that the second edition of my e-book entitled Win the Internet: The Remix is now available for purchase on Amazon!

In the two years since the first edition was published, I have learned a lot more about what it takes to execute a winning social media strategy since publishing the first edition of Win the Internet. Now is the best time to share what I have learned in this updated edition.

While this book was originally for individuals who are new to developing social media strategies for their business or nonprofit, there are also great lessons and takeaways for social media strategists and others who are at the intermediate or advanced skill levels.

Additionally, Win the Internet focuses mostly on Twitter and Facebook due to my level of expertise and experience with these platforms. There are plenty of valuable books and resources available that explore Instagram and paid social media ads. I believe that starting with Twitter and Facebook is a good gateway to learning other social media platforms. So if you are a new to building social media strategies for business or nonprofit entities, Win The Internet: The Remix is the right book for you.

In this book, you will learn:

  • Why social media is not just for millennials — and why you should use it as a set of tools to reach business, personal, and organizational goals

  • Steps to building a winning social media strategy

  • Tips on how to figure out what to post on social media

  • A few social media terms that you must know

  • Best practices you can use to become your best digital self

  • Some must-have social media tools

  • How to manage interactions with friends, followers, and fans on social media

  • Everything you need to know about #hashtags

  • Best practices for Facebook Fan Pages

  • Creating shareable images that can increase engagement

And so much more.

I am so excited to share what I’ve learned about social media strategy and content in the last few years. Head over to Amazon and buy your copy today!

Loryn Wilson Carter